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Sketchtember 08

Michaiah from Radient dawn

Sketchtember 07

A Dumbo Octopus for @mathamota

I couldn't resisit the Call to Cthullhu addition there =P

Sketchtember 07

A Dumbo Octopus for @mathamota

I couldn't resisit the Call to Cthullhu addition there =P

Sketchtember 06

Supposed to be Zelgius a la twitter request but ahaha this is why I don't fine arts...

I'll see myself out

Sketchtember 05

Chibi Van from escaflowne as requested from twitter

mathamota commented:
would you take non fandom prompts? Something like fishes, squids or octopi?

Thats A okay! Just be prepared i would likely take a catoony approach to it as I am not versed in the fine arts

Sketchtember 04

Randomly got prompt symphony of blood so = bloody tear = Trevor Belmont and the best Trevor is drunk ass Trevor

Sketchtember 03

Just finished Gundam Build Divers. It's the first Gundam I have ever watched from begining to end and I really really enjoyed it, so I had to draw Hiroto. There were tonnes of cool characters I'd like to try drawing from that series (maybe a few gunpla if I'm brave) ... and yes the consol is there because the legs were not working for me oops

Sketchtember 02

I like how this one turned out!

Lyon with Edelguards crown acc.

Sketchtember 01

weeeelp 30 mins was only enough for the bare bones of a character oops.

Any advice to improve scanner quality welcome.

Supposed to be Manakete Roy from Fire Emblem but very much still in the gesture vs proportions phase...


So hi dead person talking.
My hand is doing much better lately and while I have generally no time for anything, I’m wanting to do Sketchtember for the month of September.
My challenge is to spend no more than 30 mins each day to draw a character. (If that sounds too long for a sketch then you are right I am just that unskilled.)
So I am looking for some prompts to motivate me and that’s where you the internet people come in!

Fandoms include!…

Fire Emblem (all bar Judgral and three houses)
The vision of Escaflowne (though dont expect much I cant really do that style)
Black Clover
Magi (pre Alibaba vs Ren as i need to finish the manga)
Zubat and other batmons
Probably others that I can’t think of so just ask?

Even with no prompts I will do Rossine from Berserk (or at least try to)

Kamen Rider Fake

I have been a part of Page Productions for over a year and I am really looking forward to this webseries coming out!

The biggest challenge was filming during a pandemic, and yes we social distanced like pros!

As youtube has taken down over 10 years of content (which was unmonotised) we have decided to make it a patreon exclusive, so for $1 you can enjoy the series when it airs.

Meanwhile you can hang out and talk all things Rider or Toku in our discord server!

And lastly I ask if you are not a toku fan please reblog and share this around as indie film making is difficult at the best of times; but being Scottish indie film makers during a pandemic is even harder. We are looking at this being our last production (which is a shame because we want to make a season 2!) so we want to give it everything we got, and who knows maybe with enough interest season 2 might be a reality!

Thank you and Henshin on!


Daci + Kai

Commision of my friends fursonas.

Ruby and Qrow

🎶Red like roses fills my dreams and brings me to the place you rest🎶

Hope you like


Angels are cool right?


I tried to be trendy and follow what people are into. As a result this turned out mediocre. Sorry hero fans.

Toner Bun (Kofi) v2

Please take a look at V1 !

The only difference in this one and that one is that I used water to wake the colours a little and help blend it. I still need to practice more but I am interested to know if you have a version you like better.

Avatar was made for Kofi please check out if you have time.

Toner Bun (Kofi)

Did this a while back to advertise my Kofi, but health issues and stuff has kind of made me die a little online.

I'm goinh back to traditional drawing as digital is not as much fun for me. Will still do some digital art but thats going to be for other projects which seeing as I go at a snail's pace will probably be some time before I can share

Will share another version so I'd appreciate it if you check it out and tell me if there is one you prefer,

Keep hopping along.


Spring Xander

I was a little unsure about him as he wasn't the brand of 'cute' I normally do, but y'know I really ended up loving how he turned out!

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